Dr. Klaus Karg (owner) and Verena Heyder (head of brand management) accepted the award on 29.06.2017 in Berlin.

Dr. Karg's is awarded German Brand Award 2017

Tuesday, 04. July 2017

Well-balanced ingredients, varied recipes and best artisanal quality are part of our philosophy. Thanks to the relaunch of our wholegrain snacks in 2016 and the optimisation of our crispbread slices' labels that followed in 2017, the modern, fresh brand presentation now effectively underlines our high product quality. This sustainable brand management has now been awarded with the German Brand Award 2017 in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods category. Our crispbread is always "well-dressed" throughout the ABC of marketing.
We are very happy and say THANK YOU!

Further information on the German Brand Award 2017: http://www.german-brand-award.com/

Our ne recipes: Mixed Peppers wholegrain snack and Organic Quinoa & Amaranth crsipbread

Spring is coming: Our new varieties!

Tuesday, 18. April 2017

We start spring off with not one, but two delicious new recipes:
Our wholegrain snack Mixed Peppers with an extra portion of fruity red and green pepper bits and aromatic basil is the ideal addition to any barbecue or get-togehter with friends. It's perfect as an altrnative to the typical potato crisps, and for all those who love vegetables and the naturally mild flavour of peppers.
With our superfood-variety Organic Quinoa & Amaranth, we rely on the particular nutritional characteristics of quinoa and the power seed amaranth. The subtle, aromatic nutty note, lots of delicious grains and seeds as well as 100 % spelt flour make these crispbread slices a crunchy and tasty delight.

Our popular tasting station invites you to discover the cracking good bite.

Dr. Karg's present themselves with a fresh crunch at ISM

Thursday, 09. February 2017

In 2017, we once again exhibited at ISM* in Cologne!
We officially presented the new label design for our crispbread slices to important decision makers in trade. Receiving positive feedback all around made us very proud. To paint a coherent picture, our stand at the fair was of course also given the new look. The centrepiece of the design concept was - as usual - our popular tasting station - because our wholegrain snacks are always a tasty treat for in-between. The perfect pick-me-up for long fair days.

*Internationale Süßwarenmesse (International Sweets Fair) - The world's largest trade fair for sweets and snacks


New label design for our crispbread slices

Sunday, 01. January 2017

We start 2017 off with a new packaging design for our crispbread slices!
Our colorful, airy design with tempting ingredient presentation whets your appetite at first sight. Seven scrumptious non-organic varieties and eight organic varieties sport a new look. Our recipes remain unchanged: We keep baking the perfect "cracking good bite" from wholegrain, healthy grains and seeds, and other harmonised ingredients.

All of our crispbread slices and organic crispbread slices at a glance!

Dr. Klaus Karg (Managing Director), Verena Heyder (Product Manager), Jörn Kröving (Key Account Manager)

Dr. Karg’s wins the award TOP-BRAND 2016

Wednesday, 01. June 2016

Honorable title of the German food industry: The German trade magazine "Lebensmittelzeitung" announces Dr. Karg's Cracking Good Bite to be TOP-BRAND 2016 for the category crispbread.
The announcement is based on hard facts and figures only. "Lebensmittelzeitung" selects, in cooperation with the international market research institute GFK AG, 100 brands of different categories every year. The title supports us in our belief: consumer love our products!


Our new sweet wholegrain snacks: great for in-between

Tuesday, 01. March 2016

Craving something sweet? Our two new, fruity and sweet wholegrain snacks provide healthy variety and indulcence!

Fruity bits of sun-dried apples, sultanas, an extra big portion of delicate oat flakes, and the delicate note of cinnamon make our Apple & Cinnamon wholegrain snack a real treat.

A little more exotic but still harmonic: The tart and sweet pieces of cranberry and sultanas and the crunchy coconut flakes in Dr. Karg's Cranberry & Coconut wholegrain snack.

Rich in fibre and with the natural taste of best ingredients - our sweet wholegrain snacks are great for any occassion. Enjoy them with coffee or tea, as a treat before bed or during your break, on the got, at home, work or school - our fruity wholegrain snacks are always winner!


Our wholegrain snacks have a new design: Convenient, crunchy & delicious

Tuesday, 01. March 2016

Say "bye bye" to that carving feeling the wholesome and enjoyable way! Our relaunched wholegrain snacks are now avialable in 10 flavours that will whet your appetite for crunche variety for in-between - with natural ingredients and recipes that are high in fibre. Whether at home, on the go, at work, school or in your free time: you should always have our hearty or sweet flavour creations with you.

All of our wholegrain snacks and organic wholegrain snacks at a glance!

Available soon: Our organic gourmet crispbread Cranberry & Coconut

Delicious new crispbread for our organic line – just in time for ISM 2015!

Friday, 30. January 2015

Just in timer for ISM*, we have an addition to our product family: Organic Cranberry & Coconut!
Crunchy, fruity and pleasantly sweet - that's what our crispbread Cranberry & Coconut is known for. It was introduced in autumn as conventional quality product, and the positive feedback from our crispbread gourmets inspired us to work on an organic version. Wonderfully fruity cranberries, crunchy coconut flakes and creamy honey make the delicious taste of our new crispbread - in certified organic quality.

*The International Sweets Fair in Cologne is considered to be one of the biggest fairs for sweets and snacks worldwide. From 1st - 4th February 2015, its doors are open for a professional audience.

Our new three flavours: taste now!

Getting autumn started with three new crispbread varieties!

Wednesday, 01. October 2014

Our product development worked hard on new flavours for our crispbread slices this summer. The result is remarkable! Since with so many wonderful tastes it was difficult to select "the best", we decided to include three new varieties in our product family: The two savoury varieties Carrot & Quark and Organic Chia & Oats as well as the sweet Cranberry & Coconut.

Our new Carrot & Quark crispbread contains yummy fresh quark in the dough and is garnished with grated carrot pieces and savoury Emmental cheese.
Our organic assortment was extended by the variety Chia & Oats. It is by nature rich in omega-3-fatty acids and contains chia seeds as well as many other crunchy grains and seeds.
Our sweet Cranberry & Coconut crispbread is also high in demand. The slices with fruity cranberries and roasted coconut chips are not only the perfect companion for a good start to the day but also yummy, fruity-crunchy delicacy for in-between.


Eyecatcher on the shelves: Dr. Karg’s crispbread in an even more attractive packaging

Wednesday, 01. January 2014

From 1st of January 2014, our crispbread is a real eyecatcher! Our crispbread packaging was given a completely new design - whereas the crispbread itself tastes still delicious as before. The new design is to underline who we are and what we represent: being bakers of an extraordinarily crunchy crispbread with pure natural ingredients. the pictures of the ingredients, the company's logo and the new claim shall be further proof that Dr. Karg's crispbread is simply a "cracking good bite" - no matter if it's in the old or new design.


The New Year starts deliciously with a new crispbread variety and our thinner mini crispbreads.

Wednesday, 01. January 2014

There's something new to discover: Right at the beginning of 2014, we launch our new crispbread variety 5-Grain with the perfect blend of crunchy spelt, yeast, oat, rye and wheat - the full load of wholegrain combined in one crispbread. Sourdough is the secret of the special natural taste.

And there's also something new about our mini crispbreads: They will be thinner and crisper and thus, the individual ingredients can better dispense their aroma. Simply enjoy this tasty and crunchy bite.