We at Dr. Karg

Our team

All employees of Dr. Karg’s contribute to 100% chrunchy delight every day. It is their daily bread to notice even the smallest changes in our products and to react accordingly. Thus, lovers of our crunchy creations and delights can be sure that they bite into a product of best quality. Take a look behind the scenes with us and find out more about our work in the areas of marketing/product development, production/packaging, quality, and sales – and get to know our boss.



In order to implement new ideas, we first use the classic baking table. Product development and marketing work together closely to develop new products. Is the variety tasty enough? Are the ingredients balanced well? Where and how can the customer consume it? In the end, only those ideas that have the “cracking good bite” get into our bakery and into stores.
We rely on people, not machines. Our production staff is closer to our products than anyone else. They notice deviations immediately and can therefore correct them at once. After packaging the products, we execute a final quality control so that only best quality goods leave our bakery.





Every morning we have a “bite test” in which our products undergo a special taste sampling. Similar to what a sommelier would do with wine, employees from various departments come together to test the smell, taste, and crispiness, respectively con­sis­ten­cy, of our products. Thanks to this daily check we find out immediately if something is wrong.

Without our sales department, our crunchy creations and delights would not be available for purchase in stores. Quality already starts here, with the careful selection of our sales agencies. After all, it is particularly important to us that the quality we promise to you is also visible in the stores that sell our products. And in order to get even more people to know about our unique “cracking good bite”, our sales department ensures that there is always something new to discover.





For us, quality is always a matter for the management. As the company’s owner, Dr. Klaus Karg deals with the subject of quality on a daily basis; he inspects the bakery, takes samples and often takes part in the daily “bite test”. Thus, all our crispbreads, wholegrain snacks, crackers and delights have "boss-approved" quality.