• mix 100g of frozen berries, 1 banana and 100ml almond drink until cream
  • for the topping, cut into slices 2 strawberries and ¼ banana and cut out with a cookie cutter
  • break 1 slice of our Organic Spelt & Muesli crispbread into small pieces and garnish the smoothie bowl with the crunchy flakes
  • refine to taste with e.g. coconut flakes or cinnamon

Vegan Hummus

· peel and coarsly chop 1 clove of garlic

· squeeze 1 small lemon

· fill garlic, lemon juice, ½ tin of chickpeas, 2 tblsp. tahina and 2 tblsp. olive oil into an electric blender and purée finely

· add some olive oil or water if necessary (makes the hummus more creamy)

· season to taste with salt and pepper

· garnish with some chili powder and chickpeas

Avocado-pomegranate topping

· spread some hummus onto our Organic delicate crunch crispbread, e.g. SPELT+ Rye

· cut 1/4 avocado into slices and put onto the crispbread

· add salt and pepper and sprinkle with some lemon juice

· garnish with pomegranate seeds and some corn salad

Roasted oven squash

· cut 1/2 hokkaido squash into small pieces

· mix  the squash pieces with some olive oil and flavour with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper

· bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200°C

· cut 1/2 feta cheese into cubes and sprinkle over the squash

· bake for another 5 minutes

· taste with some honey and balsamic vinegar and garnish with sesam seeds

Radish soup

· Peel and cut into rough pieces 3 large potatoes and half a pink radish

· cut 1 leek into rings

· finely dice 3 red radish

· finely chop a few radish leaves

· heat some oil in a pot and add potatoes, radish and leek

· add vegetables stock until all the veggies are covered

· let cook with the lid on for about 30 minutes

· puree 20 ml coconut milk and 20 ml red beet juice

· season to taste with sea salt and pepper

· garnish with the red radish cubes, chopped radish green and sesame seeds

Fig Topping

· spread 1 slice of our Organic Seeded Spelt crispbread with cottage cheese

· thinly slice 1 fig and lay onto the crispbread

· sprinkle with some honey

· garnish with 1 tablespoon of chopped pistachios and fresh mint

Crunch-Lunch in a Jar

· fill 5 tbsp. chickpeas from the tin in a preserving glass

· prepare and fill the following ingredients in layers into the glass: 1 small grated carrot, 5 cherry tomatoes cut in half, 1 small sliced spring onion, 1/4 mango cut into pieces, 1 handful of arugula

· break 1 slice of our crispbread (e.g. Organic Chia & Oats) into small pieces and sprinkle onto the salad

· dressing (fill separately): 2 tbsp. of olive oil, 1 tbsp. of cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice; thoroughly mix with some oregano, pepper and salt

· simply fill the dressing into your crunch-lunch-glass and shake properly for your lunch - Bon Appetit

Rhubarb Crumble

2 servings:

wash 4 sticks of rhubarb and cut into slices

· crumble 3 slices of our Classic 3-Seed crispbread and mix it with 120g butter, 60g sugar and 35g chopped almonds

· grease soufflée pans or preserving jars and fill with rhubarb pieces

· spread crumble dough over the rhubarb

· bake at 150° Celsius for about 20-25 minutes in a fan oven

· gets extra creamy with one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top :-)

Fruit Butter

· beat 150g of butter with a mixer or hand blender till fluffy

· Puree 7 tablespoons of fruit (e.g. raspberries, mango) and fold them into the butter

· store the fruit butter in the refridgerator

Wild Garlic Dip

· Chop 1 handful of wild garlic with a hand blender

· Crumble 200g feta cheese

· Properly mix wild garlic, feta cheese and 250g cream cheese

· Chop up some walnuts and lightly brown them in a ungreased pan

· Fold the walnuts into the mass


For 10 pieces:

· grease a muffin tin

· mash 4 bananas with a fork and add 2 tbsp of honey

· break 6 slices of our crispbread Organic Spelt & Muesli into small pieces and add them to the mixture

· add some oats and a bit of cinnamon, then mix well

· place the mixture into the muffin tin and press against the sides to form a small bowl

· bake for around 15 minutes at 180° C

· fill with yoghurt and garnish with berries

green Topping

· top a slice of our crispbread (e.g. Organic Quinoa & Amaranth) with cottage cheese

· halve an avocado an cut the flesh into slices

· briefly sauté the green asparagus tips in a pan

· julienne the courgette

· place the vegetables on the crispbread in an alternating pattern

· garnish with herbs

Ceviche with Guacamole

· dice 50g white-fleshed fish without skin, 1/4 mango, 1/2 red bell peppers and 1/2 red onion finely

· finely chop some coriander and fold intor the mixture

· season the ceviche with some chili, salt and the juice of 1 lime

· cut 1 avocado open lengthwise and remove the stone

· take the flesh out of the shell with a big spoon

· add 1 tbsps. of olive oil, a bit of chili and salt as well as some juice of lime to the avocado flesh and purée with a hand blender

· spread the avocado cream on a plate and place the ceviche on top

· garnish with our Snack Spelt & Quinoa - dip and enjoy!

Avocado & Lemon Topping

 ·top a slice of our Organic Seeded Spelt crispbread with cottage cheese, add salt and pepper

· halve an avocado, take out the pit, peel it and cut it into slices

· place the avocado slices on top of the cottage cheese, drizzle over some lemon juice, and garnish with chives or coriander

Spring Toppings

Avocado & Radish Topping

· top a slice of our 5-Grain crispbread with cottage cheese, add salt and pepper

· finely slice an avocado and some red radish, put them on the cottage cheese

· sprinkle over some chives

Wild-Berry Topping

· top a slice of our Organic Spelt & Muesli crispbread with cotttage cheese

· add some blueberries and raspberries on top

· sprinkle over flaked almonds and fresh mint

· for additional sweetness drizzle a spoonful of honey over the berries

Layered Salad in a jar

· super convenient for the office!

· break our Mixed Peppers wholegrain snacks into small pieces and put them in a jar

· cut your favourite veggies (e.g. peppers, cucumber, tomatoes) into small pieces and add them to the jar in layers

· add salad leaves (e.g. lettuce) and drizzle over a dressing of your choice

· garnish with sprouts, cress or herbs

· tip: shake the closed jar well to make sure the dressing is evenly distributed

· perfect for your lunch break



Crispbread waffles

· prepare the waffle dough as usual

· break our 5-Grain crispbread into small pieces

· fold the crispbread bits into the dough

· brush the waffle iron with oil and use about two tablespoons of dough per waffle


Crispbread porridge

· break 3 slices of our Classic 3-Seed crispbread into small pieces

· pour about 2 cups of almond milk over the chunks

· bring to a boil while stirring constantly

· leave to swell with the lid on for 15 minutes

· add cinnamon/honey and fruit (e.g. raspberries, blueberries, apple) to taste

Banana & Quark Topping

· mash half a banana with a fork

· combine with 3-4 tbsps of creamy quark

· season to taste with honey, lemon juice and cinnamon

· garnish with fruit (e. g. currants, kiwi berries)

Crunchy Yoghurt in a Jar

· super convenient for the office!

· break our Organic Spelt & Muesli crispbread into bite-size pieces and put them in a jar

· cut your favourite fruit (e.g. bananas, strawberries) into small pieces and add them to the crispbread

· sweeten greek yoghurt with a little honey and add it to the jar

· decorate to your heart's content with chia seeds, cashews or fresh mint

Arugula salad with goat cheese

· cut 1 little apple into about 1cm thick rings

· fry the apple rings in a pan with olive oil on both sides

· add salt and pepper to one side of the apple slices and immediately pour in 50 ml apple juice to deglaze the pan - let the apples sit in the liquid for 10 minutes (turn the heat down)

· put the apple slices in a oven-proof dish

· form the goat cheese (100g) in balls and place them in the middle of the apple slices (gratinate in the oven for about 5 minutes/250 Grad)

· bring the apple syrup to a simmer and add 50 g butter to the pan, one by one (stir until the butter has melted)

· dress the arugula salad with 2 EL olive oil, 1 apple cider vinegar, thyme leaves, and a bit of salt and pepper

· arange the salad on a plate, place the apple slices on the salad, break our snacks Cheese & Pumpkin Seed into chunks and sprinkle them over the salad



· spread cream cheese onto a slice of our 5-Grain crispbread

· thinly slice a piece of carrot with a spiralizer

· cut red and purple radishes into thin slices

· add the carrot and radishes onto the crispbread - and some corn if you like

· garnish with cress

Oriental Dips


· mingle 150g cream yoghurt and 100g goats cream cheese and stir until creamy
· fold in the chopped mint leaves (1/2 bunch), season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice
· garnish with mint leaves

Banana date dip:

· cut 5 dates into small pieces
· mingle 150g curd, 100g yoghurt with the banana pulp, dates and 25g grounded almonnds.
· season to taste with honey and cinnamon

Beetroot Spread

· soak a handful of sunflower seeds in water for about 1 hour

· quater 2 cooked beetroots

· grate some fresh horseradish

· give 1 small red onion a rough chop

· combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, add olive oil, salt, and pepper, then purée until smooth and creamy


· spread cream cheese onto a slice of our Organic Chia & Oats crispbread

· cut red radishes into thin slices and place them on the crispbread

· garnish with untreated organic daisies, forget-me-nots and herbs

Apricot Wholegrain Sandwiches

· spread cream cheese and apricot jam onto the bottoms of half of a bag of Organic Spelt & Quinoa wholegrain snack

· carefully press another snack (topping on the outside) onto the cream cheese and jam to make a sandwich

Pumpkin & Coconut Soup

· wash 1 red kuri squash, carefully cut it into pieces and remove the seeds

· cut the squash, 1 onion and 2 peeled, raw potatoes into chunks

· heat some olive oil in a pot

· briefly sauté squash, onion, and potatoes

· pour in enough vegetable stock to make the ingredients float

· let everything simmer for about 20 minutes, then purée in a blender

 · depending on how strong your longing for the Caribbean is add coconut milk :)

· season with salt and pepper, garnish with pumpkin seeds, cubes of feta, and rocket

lavender butter

· beat 125 g of soft butter until foamy

· pick off the lavender blossoms (without the green parts) and add them to the butter

· finely crush approx. 4 pepper corns and stir them in along with 1 tsp. of honey

· store cool

Raspberry & Mango Smoothie

· pour 250 ml coconut water into a blender

· add 1 slice of Organic Quinoa & Amaranth, broken into pieces

· cut 1 banana and some fresh mango into pieces, add them into the blender along with raspberries

· blend until the texture is smooth and homogenous


· top a slice of our 5-Grain crispbread with cottage cheese

· cut a piece of banana into slices; add them onto the cottage cheese along with some blueberries

· for additional sweetness add a spoonful of jam on top of the fruit

· garnish - e.g. with chia seeds and mint

Hearts Topping

· top a slice of our Organic Quinoa & Amaranth with cottage cheese, add salt and pepper

· cut 1 cooked beetroot into slices and use a cookie cutter to get small heart shapes

· garnish with chives or other herbs

Fruity Summer Salad

· wash the rocket, tear into small pieces if necessary

· wash the peach, halve and de-stone it, and cut it into wedges (briefly fry in a pan if desired)

· crumble 1/2 roll of goat cheese into small pieces

· arrange the ingredients on a plate

· season to taste with salt/pepper and oil/vinegar

White Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients for 4 persons:

White Mousse:

· chop 175g white couverture chocolate into little pieces with a knife and let it smelt over a pot of hot water

· soak 1,5 gelatine leafs in cold water

· mix 1 egg, 1 egg yolk and 20g sugar and place it over a pot of hot water - use a whisk to beat the eggs until the mixture turn white

· take the bowl off the heat, squeeze the water out of the soaked gelatine leafs and stir them into the warm egg mixture

· fold the liquid chocolate into the egg mixture, then work in 20ml olive oíl

· whisk 250ml cream until it forms soft peaks and fold the whipped cream into the still slightly warm mixture

· fill the mousse into a bowl and let it cool down for at least 2 hours

Rhubarb and strawberry salad:

· thouroughly peel 200g rhubarb with a knife and chop the vegetable into little cubes

· mix the cubes with 100g sugar, fill into a baking tray and cover with aluminium foil. set your oven to upper and lower heat and bake at 180°C for 15 minutes

· soak 2 gelatine leafs in cold water

· mix the hot rhubarb with the dissolved, well-drained gelatine and let cool

· combine the cooled rhubarb with the thinly sliced strawberries (80g)

Finally fill the mousse into a single-use piping bag with a medium-sized round nozzle. Per portion, put a little bit of the salad on two Cranberry & Coconut snacks, then pipe two equally-sized dabs of the mousse onto the wholegrain snacks.
Finish off the two mousse slices with another whohlegrain snack.
Plate up the finished mille-feuille with the rhubarb and strawberry salad.

warm apple & cinnamon topping

· spread cream cheese on our 5-Grain crispbread

· slice an apple very thinly and put the slices on the crispbread

· bake for about 5 minutes at 160°C using the fanned oven setting

· sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and sugar

Apple Crumble

· cut 750g apples into pieces

· crush 6 slices our crispbread 5-Grain and mix it with 50g butter, 100g sugar and 2 tsp. cinnamon

· crumble about one third of the mass into 6 preserving jars

· spread apple pieces onto crumbles and sprinkle with rum

· spread the remaining crispbread mass into glasses

· bake at 180 °C for about 25-30 minutes

· serves well with custard

Quick Tarte Flambée

Pear meets Walnut:

· spread crème fraiche onto 1 slice of our Sour Cream & Roasted Onion crispbread

· wash 1 pear and slice it finely

· place the pear slices and chopped walnuts onto the crème fraiche

· bake in an oven at 160 °C for about 5 minutes (fanned oven setting)

· drizzle over some honey and garnish with rosemary

Fig loves Pine Nuts:

· spread goat cream cheese onto 1 slice of our Sour Cream & Roasted Onion crispbread

· cut 1 fig and piece of red onion into slices

· place everything on top of the cream cheese and add pine nuts

· bake in an oven at 160 °C for about 5 minutes (fanned oven setting)

· garnish with fresh sprouts


squash spread

· cut 1 small red kuri squash, 2 carrots, and 1/4 of an onion into pieces

· transfer the vegetables into a casserole dish and drizzle over some oil

· sprinkle with chopped parsley and season (salt/pepper/paprika)

· bake for 30 minutes at 200 °C

· let cool and purée with approx. 100 ml of water (don't add to much water, otherwise the spread will be too runny)

· season to taste with salt/pepper

Tarte Flambée with squash

· spread some crème fraîche on our Organic Seeded Spelt crispbread

· cut a red kuri squash into thin slices and place them on the crispbread (you can leave the skin on, but don't have to)

· add some red onion in rings

· crumble a bit of feta and sprinkle it on

· garnish with salt, pepper, chopped walnuts, and some fresh roesmary

· bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 °C