Ingredients for 6 persons

2 slices
Dr. Karg's crispbread Classic 3-Seed
1.5 kg veal (cut as flat slice)
2 tbsp. medium-hot mustard
1 onion
100 g carrots
150 g savoy cabbage
1/2 bunch parsley
1 egg
2 tbsp. cream
some nutmeg
50 g diced ham
5 tbsp. sunflower oil
1/2 bunch greens
some water or veal stock
600 g small carrots
500 ml water
1 tsp. salt
2 heaped tsp. sugar
75 g butter
900 g potatoes (small and round if available)
2 tbsp. finely chopped parsley
100 ml white wine
200 ml cream
  sauce thickener
  salt, pepper



Classic 3-Seed
With white sesame seeds, linseeds and sunflower seeds


Rinse the flat slice of cut veal with cold water, dap dry and lay out on a sufficiently large surface.
Season the inner sides with pepper and salt and spread with mustard.

Wash and peel the vegetables, peel the onion and dice finely.
Slice the carrots into sticks and chop the savoy cabbage.
Rinse the parsley with cold water, let it drip off and chop finely.
Fill the vegetables into a bowl.
Grind the crispbread and add it to the vegetables together with the egg and cream.
Season to taste with pepper, salt and nutmeg, then blend the mix thoroughly.

Spread the mass evenly onto the veal, sprinkle with the diced ham and the better part of the parsley.
Roll the veal and stick together with tooth sticks or rope up with kitchen yarn.
Season with pepper and salt from the outside.

Clean, wash and chop the greens into cubes.
Heat 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil in a roasting tray and roast the greens, then take them out of the roasting tray.

Heat the remaining oil and first sear the veal with the seam up, then sear all around,
add water or veal stock, add the greens and roast for another 1 hour 15 minutes at 180°C in the preheated oven.
Turn the meat several times and drizzle with veal stock.

In the meantime peel and wash the carrots thoroughly.
Put them on the stove in a saucepan with cold water so that they are just but covered with water.
Add salt, sugar and butter and cook until the better part of the fluid has evaporated.
Pan the carrots in the developing stock until they are glazing.

In the meantime peel the potatoes and cook in salt water.
Take the veal roast out of the tray.
Pour the roasting stock through a hair sieve into a saucepan,
add the wine and cream and let it reduce.
Thicken with some sauce thickener if necessary and season to taste.

Cut the veal roast, remove the tooth sticks and the kitchen yarn and serve the meat with sauce, the glazed carrots and potatoes.

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