Frequently asked questions

Purchase and storage

Where can you buy our delicious crispbread?
You can find our crispbread in any well-assorted grocery or specialised organic store - look for the crispbread shelf. In addition to that, you can order our crispbread from various online shops, e.g. Amazon.
How to store our crispbread to conserve its delighful crunch?
Is the packaging reclosable?


Where do we manufacture our crispbread?
Our crispbread has its roots in a small, Franconian bakery in the village of Wolkersdorf (near Nuremberg). Due to high demand, our original bakehouse quickly became too small. Therefore, we built a new bakery only 5 km away from Wolkersdorf, in Schwabach, 2005. Here we now have lots of space for new ideas and delicious crisbread products.

Ingredients and nutritional values

What exactly does 'wholegrain' mean?
Wholegrain is grain from which only awn and husk have been removed after harvesting. Fibres, vitamins, oils and mineral nutrients are preserved within bran and germ. The mention "100 % wholegrain" on our products refers to the grain content in our crispbread and it means that this product contains only wholegrain flour. Here you can find more interesting information concerning our ingredients.
Why are all our products baked with best olive oil?
Why do we use Emmental cheese for our crispbread as opposed to Gouda or a cheese mix as other manufacturers do?
What is the salt content of our crispbread?
How many calories does our crispbread have?

Various diets

What exactly does 'organic' mean?
The use of the term "organic" is protected throughout Europe by EU law. Products that are marked as "organic" in the European Union have to comply with the criteria of the European organic seal. One important criterion refers is the origin of ingredients. At least 95% of the ingredients have to come from organic agriculture. We are analysed annually concerning our adherence to the EU organic regulation (no. 834/2007) by an independent certifying body, namely ABCERT. They also check if we handle organic ingredients appropriately. Organic products may only be manufactured and sold as such within the European Union after they have been controlled and certified. Find our current certificate here.
Are there any vegetarian varieties in our product range?
Are there any vegan varieties in our product range?
Does our product range include gluten-free crispbread?
Does our product range include lactose-free products?
Are there any high-protein varieties in our product range?
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