Our snacks are the perfect little companions to fight off that craving feeling in-between meals. Whether you're on the go outdoors, travelling, studying, working or just want a moment of delight - with our crunch bits made from natural ingredients, you always have a great wholegrain-y snacking experience.

Wholegrain Snacks

packagingminicrispbreadcheesepumpkinseed Cheese & Pumpkin Seed
packagingminicrispbreadtomatoherbs Tomato & Herbs
packagingminicrispbreademmentalcheeseonions Emmental Cheese & Onions
rosmarinmeersalzen Rosemary & Sea Salt
packagingminicrispbreadcranberrycoconut Cranberry & Coconut

Organic Wholegrain Snacks

packagingminicrispbreadcheesepumpkinseedorganic Cheese & Pumpkin Seed
tomatomozzarellasnack Tomato & Mozzarella
packagingminicrispbreadspeltcheeseorganic Spelt & Cheese
packagingminicrispbreadspeltquinoaorganic Spelt & Quinoa

Organic Lentil Snacks

mockuplinsensnackkokoscurryweben Coconut & Curry
mockuplinsensnackpaprikachiliweben Sweet Pepper & Chili
mockuplinsensnacksesammeersalzweben Sesame & Sea Salt

Protein Thins

sesamleinsaaten Sesame & Linseeds
ementalerkaeseen Emmental Cheese