Our master bakers use wholegrain flours, wholesome grains and seeds as well as perfectly harmonised, best ingredients to manufacture delicious, crunchy crispbread varieties. As third-generation family business we take pride in saying that our crispbread specialties are part of true Franconian baking artisanry.

Authenticity, Origin, Artisanry

All part of our crispbread!

Before baking, our dough is left to rest so that it can develop fully. Thus, the fermentation process is quite long and gentle. We bake at low temperatures to give our crispbread products their characteristic “bite”, and to protect the grains and seeds. This and the use of best ingredients are our crispbread’s secret. Of course our products are no longer baked one by one by hand; they are, however, produced in an artisanal manner – from the basic dough to the finished product. Dr. Karg is a modern bakery with a high standard for consistent quality. These award-winning characteristics distinguish us from others.


Family bakery since 1950

Our crispbread specialties are so good because they are made with the experience of a family bakery that is committed to traditional baking artisanry.


We are a member of the Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks e. V. (German Bakers‘ Confederation) and thus contribute to the preservation of the unique German bread culture.

Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks e.V. (ZVDB - German Bakers‘ Confederation)