Have you ever wondered if this “Dr. Karg” actually exists? He does - the inspiration for our brand name is, in fact, a real person.

Klaus Karg founded the crispbread division of our business and is the CEO of our bakery. He has three children, loves gliding, and his personal favourite flavour to this day is our classic, Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed. Dr. Klaus Karg KG has its roots in his family business, the “Fränkische Dorfbäckerei Karg” (“Franconian Village Bakery Karg”). Thus, from a very young age, he learned what it means to be a baker and how business is done.

“After taking over the bakery from my father, I wondered how we could use our ovens in the afternoon, since bakers traditionally work at night and in the early morning. Natural snacking has always been an interesting topic to me personally, but also from a marketing standpoint. And thus, we found our mission: We want to offer THE alternative to poorly-balanced snacks, make products that taste good AND do good, that combine natural ingredients and deliciousness. Or, long story short: Products that are incredibly tasty, without any frills.”

What does that mean for you as a consumer?

Our products make conscious and varied snacking easy - without the time commitment and annoyances. Whether vegetarian, vegan, protein-rich oder gluten-free: We have a product for any situation and taste.
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Our promise to you

Of course there's not only ONE person behind the name “Dr. Karg”. Our brand name stands for three generations of Franconian bakers and artisan savoir-faire that you can taste in each of our products. Take a deep dive into our history:


Hans Karg opens the “Fränkische Dorfbäckerei Karg” (“Franconian Village Bakery Karg”) on 20th April.


Hans Karg transfers the bakery to his son, Heinz, who keeps the traditional recipes and expands the product range.


Dr. Klaus Karg, the third generation, takes over the company, bringing with him lots of new ideas. Thus, the bakery remains a family business.


Organic? Of course! Getting the organic certification was a big step for our bakery.


The very first variety of our crispbread finds its way from our bakery to the supermarket shelf - and even into the delicatessen section of the KaDeWe (famous department store in Berlin). Which variety are we talking about? Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed! The most popular variety on the market to this day.


We are growing! More products, higher demand, more employees, and lots of new ideas need more space. We move to a bigger bakery in the neighbouring city of Schwabach.


Free from gluten, full of flavour: our first gluten-free products hit the shelves.


We form a partnership with Italian family-owned business Colussi. We are united not only by our shared values, but also by our passion for innovative and high-quality snacks as well as the expertise we have gathered over many years in the food sector. Together, we will pursue our goal of improving the snacking world with great products that add value.


family business, we remain loyal to our location in Middle Franconia (Bavaria).

countries all over the world love our products

products are available in our assortment - the choice is yours

employees give it their all every day to provide you with the best snacking experience